Croatia, Day 5: Hvar

We spent all of today at Hula Hula Hvar, a beach club located about 10 minutes west along the coastline from the main harbor. We’d heard about it from various sources and have been following them on Instagram this summer, and we weren’t disappointed. We grabbed lounge chairs (complete with comfy cushions) just at the end of the rocky outcrop above the water. There are probably 150 chairs along the rocks on Hula Hula’s part of the coastline, and then there’s a bar, which we never actually went to. It was great to settle onto the comfortable chairs and enjoy the sun and the sound of the water hitting the rocks just a few feet away from us. Our neighbors were a couple of French Montenegran guys, who asked “vous êtes françaises?” and then chatted with us in French for a few minutes. They complimented me on my French but then said that I look American and not Croatian – something I’ve never heard before! They thought Rachel looked Croatian though, so at least we were 1 for 2…

We spent the next seven hours watching yachts pass by and occasionally getting in the water to cool off. There were often big waves due to the passing boats, so it was fun to float. The only low point was the death of my kindle, whose screen remains frozen despite my attempts to reset it. I’m taking this as a sign I’m supposed to be studying the Croatian book I brought with me…

We watched the gorgeous sunset from our prime seats and finally headed back to our room around 8:00. We are now both pretty tan, and I’m looking forward to spending a little less time in the sun tomorrow!

We’ve capped off the day with a great dinner, which we practically inhaled because once again we barely ate anything all day. I got some calamari, which is always yummy here because they give you lots of whole squid, and Rachel got an enormous plate of what she said were the best mussels she’s ever eaten.

Just another day in paradise!








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