About Wergs

I am a travel addict with a wanderlust limited only by time and money. I was born and raised in America, lived in Paris for a bit, and now live in London.

I’ve eaten my best and strangest meals abroad; I’ve slept in hostels, buses, ships, and planes; I’ve floated in a mud volcano, kayaked in a bioluminescent bay, bargained in a silk market, cheered on the matadors in a bullfight, hiked the Great Wall of China, flown to an almost deserted island, toured a slum during a major drug bust, and seen poverty that every day motivates me to work hard to change the world.

I follow the advice of my 9th-grade Global Studies teacher, who said: “Everyone should travel. You learn by traveling.” While I do learn about the history, art, architecture, culture, and language of the places I visit, I find that in general I end up learning more about myself and about the world.

Send me comments, travel recommendations, or anything else at travelwithwergs@gmail.com. You can also find me on Instagram, @kwergs.

Please forgive any typos in these posts – many were written on my iPhone!


One thought on “About Wergs

  1. I just LOVE this blog. I am so impressed that you had the inspiration and discipline to provide us with such a precious treasure. One day you will write the most extraordinary memoir.

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