Cousins Take Croatia 2014: the Wrap-Up

I’ve been back home in Virginia for four days now, and it’s hard to believe that it’s already been two weeks since our fun/crazy times on Hvar and a week since our experience living “pomaaaaalo” on Vis. I think it’s taken me this long to write something because, ultimately, I don’t have anything particular profound to share. The summary is: our trip was great; Croatia is amazing; everyone should go there; I will be back. 

I don’t think there’s anything Rachel and I would change given the chance to plan this trip again, except perhaps to spend more time in Bol and less time in Split. (Though on my very last night in Split, my friend Iva took me to the better beach, which was worth the 30-minute walk outside the city center; now I know that it’s possible to have an island-like beach experience in Split too, and to escape the crowds on the Riva.) 

Rachel and I both felt like this was one of the best trips we’d ever taken. It was important for us in different ways – we’re both going through important transition periods and about to take on a new and exciting stage of life. I won’t speak for her, but I will say that for me, it was the perfect way to close out my 20’s and my time as a student and young professional. I spent four years in the working world and three years in law school, and now that I’m about to start the rest of my life (professionally and otherwise) in a new country several days from now, it was essential – in ways I hadn’t realized before – to spend some time truly on vacation and connecting more deeply with an essential part of my identity. 

Future trips to Croatia are going to be hard for me because I will want to go back to all of our destinations again, but there are also islands in the north that I haven’t seen! We could do another trip next summer and go north – I’ve never to been to Zadar or Pula, or to their neighboring islands (Rab, Pag, Iz, Krk). I’m sure they’re all amazing, but I am so tempted to just keep repeating our formula from this trip! I especially want to go back to Brač, and I just don’t know how I could pass up Hvar (at least for the next few years while I’m still young enough to embrace its craziness). That, however, is the fundamental challenge of traveling; you inevitably fall in love with certain places and have to struggle to balance your desire to return with your desire to see new things. I am just thankful that Croatia, despite being a small country, offers plenty to keep us coming back, whether to relive old memories or to make new ones. 


One thought on “Cousins Take Croatia 2014: the Wrap-Up

  1. I am sooo haapy for both you and Rachel. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us! Now…..go get em Kendra and show them what you got! I am so proud of you.
    Peace,Health and Happiness Always,

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