Croatia Day 9: Dubrovnik

Today was our last day in Dubrovnik, and after the ton of walking and climbing we did yesterday, we opted for taking advantage of our terrace and its view, and we ended up spending most of the day out there. This is very contrary to my usual mode while traveling (see and do as much as possible), but one of the best things about this trip (and this country) is that we are able to feel so relaxed and not under pressure to see everything. Dubrovnik has a number of museums, galleries, churches, etc – the usual array of European offerings – but we are choosing to feel like we’re on vacation and just take it easy. It’s been so necessary for me after my summer of preparing for the bar exam. I have a feeling that when I get home I will be partially unrecognizable not only because of how tan I am but also because I will look so well rested and relaxed.

I did leave the terrace for a little while for a solo adventure to try to pick up our ferry tickets for tomorrow; I successfully used public transportation to get back to the fort, but Jadrolinija told me we have to pick then up tomorrow morning. It was still nice to have some private time around the city – not because I’m getting tired of Rachel! but because it just makes me feel more like I live here or something.

We watched a lovely sunset while drinking wine on the terrace and then went into the city one last time for a really great dinner – one of the best meals I’ve ever had (and I just spent eight months in Paris). We ended up splitting a bunch of appetizers, including cheese from the island of Pag (my favorite!), pickled peppers, fish pâté, stuffed squid, black cuttlefish risotto, and lamb in honey and lavender. (Oh my gosh. The squid and the lamb.) it was all delicious, and I just wish we could have ordered the whole menu! It was also really reasonably priced.

We’ll be spending most of tomorrow on the ferry to Split, where I will finally get to reunite with my friend Iva! I’m so excited to see her and to experience Split with a native. 🙂










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