Dinner in Delft

On Friday night, two other interns and I took the tram down to Delft for dinner. Delft is where Vermeeer (who did Girl with a Pearl Earring) lived, and although at that time it was a city distinct from the Hague, it’s now essentially become a suburb. It is worth every second of the 20-minute tram ride, and I will absolutely be going back!

The best part about Delft is its canals:

It’s a like Venice with a bit more dry land! It’s absolutely lovely to stroll along the canals. I would also like to live THIS guy’s life (look at the water):

We ended up eating out in a big plaza whose cafes had merged in the center to form what was essentially a giant biergarten. Among other things, we enjoyed these very patriotic meatballs:

We had to get home rather than linger (given that I had to be up at 3:40 the next morning to leave for Oslo!), but I am definitely going to go back – we passed a lot of live music (both indoors and outside) on our way back to the tram stop. Delft seems to be quite busy – not at all a quiet little town!


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