UPCOMING TRAVEL! Norway, Denmark, Portugal!

Get excited folks – I’m going to be in three different countries over the next three weekends!

This weekend we have Monday off, so a group of us are going to Oslo. (It was the cheapest airfare I found out of the 15 or so cities I searched.) We are thrilled about seeing a fjord and enjoying what promises to be beautiful weather – even warmer than here in the Hague! There’s irony for you.

The following weekend (June 1-3) my Dad and I will be in Copenhagen visiting Dad’s old friend/adopted brother Carsten and his wife Karen, who I know are going to be amazing hosts.

And the weekend after that (June 8-10), I’m heading down to Portugal to meet up with two friends from World at Play! I’m meeting them in Lisbon and then traveling down to Faro/Algarve.


One thought on “UPCOMING TRAVEL! Norway, Denmark, Portugal!

  1. Kendra,

    This is fascinating and fun to read. i am so glad that you have included us in your journeys. i am going to meet my younger son, Peter, in Croatia and spend 2 weeks travleing there and in Bosnia with him before coming back to bar review! cannot wait and so look forward to your continued chronicles. Thanks and all best wishes for a fantastic summer.

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