the first week in review

I’ve been in the Hague for one week now, and already so much has happened! Law school feels like at least an ocean way both geographically and temporally – not only because this week has been so busy but also because I already feel so at home here (despite the remaining confusions about certain things).

To review what I’ve managed to do in the last week:

Move into apartment

Buy a bike

Buy and use a Dutch cell phone

Use public transportation

Still to do this week:

Set up a Dutch bank account

Buy a transportation card

Figure out how to use my washing machine

(Re: the last item – my washing machine is currently sitting in my shower unconnected to anything. A cursory glance suggests that to use it would require disconnecting my shower head and attaching the washing machine hose to that faucet. This is confusing to me. Any thoughts?)

I really like the Hague. I could definitely imagine living here longer-term. It’s unlike any other European city I’ve visited – it’s far less compact (the buildings are further apart, many of the streets are wider), has more than the usual number of parks (700, apparently), and has truly distinct areas. Although it has a major beach, it’s not a beach city – if you’re not at the beach, you’d never know it was there (unlike many beach cities in the states where the beach seems to dominate both the geography and the culture of the city). The biking is great – it’s 100% possible to be carless here, and if the weather’s bad, you can always take the tram or the bus. (Speaking of weather: many of the forecasts for the past week have said rain, but it only seems to rain in short bursts, which is great. We’ve had far less rain than anticipated.) The people are all pretty friendly; the kids are cute and plentiful; and the ex-pat/international community here makes things more interesting. Predictably, I already don’t want to go home!

Tomorrow we’re meeting with our intern supervisor to hopefully get a bit more detail about a) the current status of the case and b) what our roles are going to be moving forward. It’s hard to know what we’ll be able to do until we know when the trial’s going to resume, so it might take a bit more time to get a long-term project of some sort. In the meantime, it’s still really interesting to be among other people, hear BCS spoken on a regular basis by other interns in my office, and get a sense of how major cases like this are structured and organized.

I think it’s going to be a great summer!


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