Update on the Mladić Trial

Those of you paying any attention to the news have likely heard/seen that following the end of the opening statement yesterday, Judge Orie postponed the next phase of the Mladić trial indefinitely until some evidence issues can be resolved. Various sources are reporting this in various ways, and based on what I can divulge, here’s the main idea: the prosecution didn’t deliberately withhold anything; this was a legitimate communication error. Hopefully, the trial won’t take forever to start up again, but we just can’t be sure at this point.

However, to backtrack to the second day of the opening statement: yesterday the other prosecutor focused on Srebrenica. (Quick sidenote: in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, “c” is pronounced like “ts”, which is why Srebrenica is pronounced Sre-bre-nit-sa.) Once again, those of us watching via live stream weren’t able to see all of Mladić’s reactions, but I don’t think that what I did see showed any kind of remorse.

I’m going in to work tomorrow (Saturday) – I’m not really sure why or what I’ll be doing, but I will be glad to contribute to anything that is necessary to get this trial started again. I’m going to get to help with prepping the first witness, so that’s very exciting. (It may be that the trial doesn’t resume while I’m here, but I think theoretically I can still do some witness prep work.)

Updates when I know more…


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