random thoughts from Day 3, and an update on Goran Visnjic

Today was another interesting one at the ICTY despite the lack of Goran Visnjic, but unfortunately I can’t tell you about any of it! Suffice it to say that the opening statements for the Mladic trial are tomorrow morning, and we’ve already been asked to use a separate entrance because of the anticipated amount of press that will be camped outside the front entrance.

Speaking of Goran Visnjic, apparently this is what he was doing yesterday: http://www.expatica.com/nl/news/dutch-news/croatian-general-appeals-war-crimes-sentence_227334.html

I went to the grocery store after work. Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do abroad; it is always interesting to see what’s available in different countries. One thing I always miss in the US is the huge variety of fruit juices that you can get elsewhere, and the Netherlands is no exception. Aloe drinks also seem pretty popular here. I also saw ready-made “pancakes” that were each about the size of a small pizza! At some point I’ll go back when it’s a less busy time and have a more thorough look around. There’s one thing I need to figure out: at the entrance to the store, there’s a wall with lots of hand-held electronic devices – they look like the little scanners Target employees walk around with. Given that there is no signage in English, I have no idea what these are for. I saw people taking them out and into the store, but I didn’t actually catch anyone using it. Very mysterious…

Tonight I need to force myself to go to bed earlier. Last night I didn’t go to sleep until about midnight; it’s not jet lag but the long-lasting sunlight that is causing me problems! It doesn’t get truly dark here until around 10… so it doesn’t even feel late until it actually is. I’m not sure when it gets light, but it’s been fully light the past two mornings by the time I got up at 7:30.

I think I’m going to try to spend some time before bed learning some Dutch. Everyone speaks English, but the utter lack of English signage makes it a bit difficult if you aren’t able to immediately ask someone. Some of the Dutch words are easy to figure out, but many are quite different. I’m going to use the strategy I used while trying to learn some Croatian – figure out the pronunciation first. (I typed up a Croatian pronunciation guide today for my two fellow interns – it makes for much easier reading if you know how to pronounce all the names.)

That’s all for now!


One thought on “random thoughts from Day 3, and an update on Goran Visnjic

  1. Some of the Giants have those scanners. You scan your card, then you scan all your stuff as you put it in your cart. When you leave, you just give them the scanner and pay. You don’t have to ring everything out. Maybe it’s the same?

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