Summer 2012: A Preview

I have to start by expressing my gratitude that law school is so far opening all the doors for international work and travel that I’d hoped it would. I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work in the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia this summer, and though I probably won’t be able to share many details of my work there on this blog, I’ll have the chance to do quite a bit of traveling through Europe during my three months in the Hague.

When deciding on travel destinations, I often struggle between a desire to add more stamps to my passport and a desire to deepen my experiences in countries I’ve already visited. I’m trying to strike a balance this summer. I drove through (and spent a night in) France and Hungary last summer but haven’t actually done anything touristy in either country, so I think this summer will include trips to Paris and Budapest. Similarly, I spent a summer in Spain but didn’t make it to Barcelona, and as a beach-lover, I feel the need to prioritize Barce as well. I’ve been to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia but didn’t get a chance to see Sarajevo or Belgrade, so those two cities are going on the list too.

As far as new countries are concerned, it’s a tough call (especially considering that the list above is already pretty long). I’ll hopefully get to visit my friend Dani in Portugal, and after that it’s a toss-up between Denmark (where I have some family) and Turkey (where I know no one but have always wanted to go).

I welcome your thoughts on these and any other destinations; you can vote here to tell me where to go!

European Summer 2012 begins, appropriately, on my birthday: May 13. Check back then!


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