Last post from Bosnia-Herzegovina

Hi everyone,

Today is our last day in Bosnia – we are finally leaving for Kosovo tomorrow after two weeks here. It’s a quiet Sunday in Livno. The sun has come out, but we had some rain showers earlier that made for the kind of sleepy Sunday that people across the world can enjoy from time to time. This worked out well for us since we had a pretty late night taking advantage of Livno’s surprisingly vibrant nightlife scene.

Although Livno is a small town by any standards, its relative proximity to Croatia and incredibly low prices on alcohol make it a destination for the tall, well-dressed, and almost universally attractive twenty-somethings within a pretty wide radius. Croatians apparently come here to drink because the prices are so low. For instance, drinks for five people cost 12 Bosnian marks, which is about 6€ – also known as how much I would pay for one or two drinks in the US.

Martha had spent the day fighting off a stomach virus, so Sion stayed to continue taking care of her in the evening. The rest of us – Scott, Will, Danijel (Big D), Hannah, Libby, Dani, and I headed into town in search of some fun. We started off at the internet cafe where I am now, and I was literally walking out the down when the entire town lost power. We headed back to a bar we had passed that was already full of beautiful people pulsating to techno beats and found that lack of electricity is no reason to stop serving alcohol or to press pause on the fun button. The bartenders were happy to hook us up with some beer, and the crowd was making their own music to continue dancing. We headed outside, where the emergency lighting in a few nearby buildings made for a more visible hangout space. Fortunately, the power came back on in about 20 minutes, and the energy level ramped up accordingly.

Around 12:30 we joined the throng of people heading towards Club Lennox, a huge club a couple of blocks away. We immediately hit the dance floor and spent another hour and a half dancing to the sounds of Croatian/Bosnian techno. Although it would have been nice to hear one or two familiar songs, I quite enjoyed the break from American music. I am always frustrated when I travel abroad by how inescapable American cultural products are, particularly music. I was glad to have the opportunity to hear some native sounds, and I’m going to try to track down the names of some of them so I can make a playlist.

We’re leaving tomorrow morning at 5:30 for the ~12 hour drive to Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. On a trip that includes almost all of the former Yugoslavia, I think we are all most interested in seeing Kosovo. It’s obviously the one that has been in the news most recently, and I anticipate many challenges there. Hopefully, we’ll be able to access Internet frequently enough that I can write some lengthy posts about our experiences.

Until then!


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