Brazil, Day 6

It’s now Sunday evening, and this entry is supposed to be about Thursday… but my memory is kind of fading. I think it was generally a beach day for us – we didn’t get home from the awesome club experience until about 5, so we slept until 11 and weren’t really up and about until 12. We went to the beach in the afternoon and came back to join the rest of our roommates, a mix of guys from the US and the UK, in a group nap in the early evening before going out.

Two things to note about Thursday:

First, I think I mentioned in my pre-trip post that there is something in Brazil called Engov which will supposedly prevent a hangover. We all took some before going out the night before, but I still woke up with a little bit of a headache (not that I was drunk; it was more from lack of sleep and general dehydration). Anyway, I was not particularly impressed with the Engov, but we did get some of our trusty açaí smoothies, and I swear, my headache was gone five minutes later! Superfood to the rescue!

Second, Thursday was tanga (thong) day. Over 50% of the women on the beaches wore thongs, and we’d begun to consider it something of a diplomatic imperative for us to join them. (After all, when else would we have an opportunity to do that?) As we’d had no luck finding reasonably priced/well-fitting bikinis in Ipanema, we decided to shift our focus to the men selling them under umbrellas on the beach. We each found suits to our liking and felt quite liberated as a result!

In the evening we had another series of strikes when we tried to go out. First, we learned that banks turn off their ATMs at 10 pm, which is bad when it’s 11:00 and you need cash. Someone told us of a pharmacy on the other end of Copacabana that had an ATM, so we went there before going on a series of cab rides trying to find a place that was both open and not too posh… which took much longer than expected. We finally ended up at a cool funk club called Fosfobox. Funk/really loud music isn’t necessarily my thing, but it definitely seemed like a key experience to have in Rio. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t the same type of atmosphere in that club; the one the night before had very much been about dancing, while this one was about people just standing and listening to the music – no one tried to talk to us. We ended up leaving around 3.


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